Youth Empowerment for the best societal transformation

My first publication was focused on the missed potential and briefly described how to improve economic trends by the expense of my generation. This article relatively focused on the youth empowerment for the best life of society.

Young generation is active, creative mind and have full potential for the transformation of social, economic and political trends. Youth empowerment is needed for the best transformation of social, political and economic norms. Without young and educated mind development is remained as dreamed.

In today’s world where globalisation is overwhelming the activities of every country (even individuals activities) third world countries are looking abroad and depending on first and second world countries for their socioeconomic and political transformation. These countries are depending on developed countries for their one night meal rather than technical and citizen empowerment system dependence.

The inability of empowering citizens (young educated generation) made Most African countries dependent and looking abroad for all most every aspects of social, economic and political life. Here in Ethiopia also the lack of empowering young generation affected socioeconomic and political aspects of citizens. By the same token, inefficiency of Ethiopian government to empower young educated mind contributed for the creation of incompetent citizens.

In my view technicians, teachers and especially engineers which are currently working in Ethiopia are drying knowledge only by working without transferring their knowledge. This action of foreigners (Engineers) those are currently acting in Ethiopia under different companies are drying and exploiting human and natural resources.

It possible to describe this trend by story of donkey in my language”yoo and du’e sardoon hin biqilin”, which relatively described as “without me no one couldn’t benefit from the existing resource. As it’s possible the government should focus on knowledge transfer other than employed foreigners as contract.

I will come back on the issue